Oh Hai There!

My very first blog post! It’s only been a few hours since I actually decided to start this up, but what’s life without a little spontaneity?!

A little about me: I’m SJW. I’m originally from Plymouth, Devon, but I now live in London as I’m a third year student of Fashion Management at London College of Fashion. So as you can imagine I have a wardrobe I struggle to shut, a Mum who would love to ban me from ever going clothes shopping again and shoes people can’t fathom how I walk in. I’d also like to set up from the start that I’m not a fashion school cliché; I definitely do not eat a single lettuce leaf a day (hate the stuff), I can add up (all hail A Level maths) and I don’t just wear pink on Wednesdays (okay, maybe that’s just in Mean Girls). I also don’t take myself too seriously…

My business is Slapdash, a trend-led womenswear business which aims to make fashion forward clothing available to all, regardless of their location. The idea was born out of growing up interested in fashion, but in a city where the high street wasn’t great, with small shops and basic ranges. I want to change this! I plan to make fashion accessible through a series of pop-up shops and by selling online. I’m still working out my business model, how I’m going to fund it and making some big decisions for my life after university, but I’ll guess you’ll hear all about that through this blog.

I’m not quite sure what to promise this blog will contain, I guess my life ramblings, hilarious stories, business activities (oo jazzy), maybe an outlet for quotes of the day from my flatmate… a screenshotted snapchat or two of my life. It’ll be joyous anyway, so make sure you follow me! 😉

My bed is calling me, thanks for reading, you’re a babe. Laterzzz x


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