So last night was Halloween, and I’m not going to lie, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the spooky activities, mainly for one reason; fancy dress. I hate it. I’m not creative enough to make it look amazingly good and I just feel like a bit of a pleb surrounded by people who have gone all out and still manage to look incredible. I still have nightmares of when I had to make a crown in primary school and mine ended up being a bit of cardboard haphazardly covered in tin foil… Safe to say I didn’t win any prizes that day. Apart from maybe one for ‘effort’ cause everyone felt sorry for me.
I also slightly despise the fact it also turns out to be expensive when let’s not lie, I’d much rather just buy some clothes I actually want.

However, boring complaining over, I had a house party to go to and I felt the pressure to not pretend to be that hipster idiot that goes as ‘themself’. I started the search for my outfit on Thursday optimistically late in the day, all I needed was some white face paint, how hard could that be?! Devil child was the ambition and alright, I just as well had gone as a slutty cat in terms of originality. Trucking down Oxford Street, which when you live in London is no treat, to all the tourists reading this (LOL) just move outta my way! Places to be, people to see. I decided to head to that heavenly place for 12 year olds… Claire’s Accessories. Strong. I was wrong about the sure bet they’d sell face paint but if I’d wanted neon striped handwarmers, a charm bracelet and a 1D rucksack then this was obviously the place to be!

Keeping the story short, I ended up in WH Smith (another shop of dreams) and stumbled upon inspiration.


Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, I bought a Dennis the Menace magazine with a free ‘Turbo Stinger’. If you hadn’t noticed already, I’m a massive child at heart and I have no shame about it.

The plan? Dennis the Menace’s female counterpart Minnie the Minx! After losing the will to live in Primark (visited all the shops of dreams in one day!), my outfit was complete.


Taaa Daaaaaaaahhhhh!

I was actually pretty proud of my effort, considering my previous fancy dress attempts. Now for the embarrassing bus journey to my friend’s house. Considering it was actually Halloween I expected to see the majority of people also in fancy dress. Oh hell no. Is Hackney too hipster for fancy dress these days!? So there I was, sitting on the bus, looking like a freak, feeling slightly ashamed with everyone else just carrying on life as normal. Nice one SJW.

I had a cracking night (albeit the imminent threat of a 9am lecture) and look how cool my friend’s house looked!


I sent pictures of Minnie to my Dad today, and he replied saying ‘That’s SCARY! AAAAAAhhhhhh!!!’. Gotta love his enthusiasm. I also love the image of him showing my pictures to the rest of the office like a proud parent, ahaha!







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