I’ve just had one of them days.

Last week just was not that snazzy in the land of SJW. I mean, my house wasn’t destroyed by a tornado or anything on that scale but I had my share of first world problems. It brightened up towards the end of the week, and I have to say to all you lovely readers out there who commented on my last post, you da best.

You can now prepare yourself for a (slightly censored) ‘Dear Diary’ of the last week.

I woke up 6 minutes before the start of my lecture… and again three hours later as it finished. I think that is a sign of how my week went, it just didn’t. I told myself I would make the seminar that day, but no, I was so busy doing shit all that I ended up not being ready in time. I made the heroic decision to stay at home and make some good food and all would be well in the world. Of course this wasn’t the case. Upon merrily walking down the stairs, whilst carrying the bag of rubbish I was taking out, I tripped. In one of those slow motion life moments, I tried to grab the wall and stop myself, but no, there I was tumbling down the staircase, bag of rubbish tumbling round with me. I found myself at the bottom, bag of rubbish still in hand, just in shock at what happened. I wish I’d taken this moment to snapchat the state I was in, but your imagination will have to do… I proceeded to half shout and swear which then erupted into shock laughter. And by laughter, I mean full on cackle. At this point, it occurred to me that the other people in the building could probably hear the commotion, so I swiftly picked myself up and walked to the front door like absolutely nothing had happened. I just had to walk round Sainsbury’s with a bleeding hand like ‘Nothing weird here folks’.

All I have to say on Tuesday is a quote from my Twitter feed, ‘One of these days I will make it to a lecture. I guess today I was one step closer and actually made it to the building? #oops’. I was late, I wasn’t feeling it, so I took my library books and paid £10 fines. (Sorry Mum).

Mistake 2 of the day: stopping off in Topshop. One of the tops I bought I thought was orange … turns out when I got home it was definitely tomato red. I want to blame the lighting in the store but I’m scared for my eyesight, I haven’t been to Specsavers in a while. Safe to say, the top was swiftly returned.

I think it was a shock to the entire world when I did eventually make it to a lecture, albeit 10 minutes late. I’m pretty sure my body would sleep through my entire life if it could. Need to stock up on my ladyvitamins (that’s multivitamins plus iron to all you non laydeez). The most ridiculous thing to happen to me that day? Happily pushing the revolving door around to get out my uni building, I suddenly hear a big thump and as I get round to the actual opening to get out the doors, the girl stood there turns round gives me a full on death stare and drops the C-bomb at me with absolutely no qualms about it. I soon realised that she had got to the opening but not totally stepped out the door so the door had hit her as I’d pushed it round. I genuinely cracked up! Number 1: what kind of plonker doesn’t step out a revolving door!? Number 2: dropping the C-bomb is just plain rude. Honestly love, if you’re reading this then apologies but Jesus, calm your violent use of swear words!

The rest of my week consisted of dissertation work which I’m definitely not in any way ready to laugh about and, to end this on a high, wacking out some of my best worst fluffy pj’s seeing as it’s somehow turned arctic out there!




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