This shouldn’t be news.

I wasn’t going to write a post about this,  as I personally feel it shouldn’t be news, but scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed has provoked too much thought on the subject.

So this morning, as I’m sure most of you are aware, Tom Daley posted a video about coming out as ‘dating a man’.  I believe that this shouldn’t be news. Who cares who he is dating?! Girl or guy, he’s an Olympic diver and that’s what he should be known as, and talked about for. I’m not an imbecile and realise that fame factors into this, but should the press be so focused on outing celebrities and their relationships? Let’s not lie, the press has covered so many celebrities breakdowns so publicly that it’s becoming a bit of a joke. Though, let’s all remember the glorious moment when a bald Britney smashed a car with an umbrella…

Back to the point, let’s stop picking apart what he came out as, commend him for the fact he has been brave enough to do it and move on.

Before Facebook incited that slight ranty train of thought, my first thoughts after I watched the YouTube video of him coming out, were how sad it was when at the end of the video he hoped that people would still support him on his journey. It saddens me that still in this world, people are so homophobic that they may no longer support him after the news. This goes for everybody in every walk of life, why do people judge others on their sexuality. It shouldn’t matter. I’m not trying to say you should love everyone in life, but why judge solely on one small factor, whether that factor be sexuality or something else. Coming from a small city, close-minded people were all around me, and every time I go back, I’m still shocked at how implicitly stereotyped views come out of people’s mouths. I’m thankful that I grew up with an open mind and have experienced a whole variety of people; yes, I’m not best friends with everyone but who knows what some people can offer you if you don’t judge them and write them off instantly.

On the other end of the scale, it slightly annoyed me that he even said that he hoped people still support him. This implies that it’s okay for people to turn around and say they won’t solely because he’s now dating a man. That isn’t okay. And if that happens, which, in this ridiculous world, I’m sure it will, I hope all of you homophobes are ashamed. This doesn’t just go for celebrities, it saddens me that people are still so scared to come out to their families because they feel they will no longer support them. Surely parents, families, whoever it may be, should want that person to be happy, no matter what? In fact, what difference does it make to anybody else in the world, what gender that person is dating?!

Let’s let people date who they want. Let’s care about them being happy rather than dissecting their lives. Let’s celebrate talent in its own right. Most of all, let’s stop being so close-minded and judgemental.

SJW, over and out x

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One thought on “This shouldn’t be news.

  1. Coming from a small city, close-minded people were all around me, and every time I go back, I’m still shocked at how implicitly stereotyped views come out of people’s mouths.


    P town fo lyfe Sarah..

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