Sales Haul!

Fashion post without sounding up-myself yet still interesting, part 2.

Boxing day morning: the happiest I’ll ever be to spring out of bed early. Mumma SJW, my brother’s girlfriend and I were all ready, with our elbows sharpened, to hit the sales bright and early. Here are my tips if you want to feel like a God at shopping in sales, rather than a frustrated grump who just wants to go home. I’ll get the generic ones out the way first:
– Get there early. As in when the shops open early… no, not Next 5am early. That’s just mental. 9am – 10am timeframe.
– Consider each item’s price individually. Don’t look at the bulk of what you’re spending to start with, consider each item’s value and don’t just buy because it’s cheap.
– Shop in a small city. Sounds strange, but it really works. Less people here are after the most fashionable items, leaving more choice for you.
– Try on clothes in bigger sizes. Mainly tops and jumpers work really well oversized. This Christmas sale I bought a top which is 2 sizes too big, no harm in trying it on!
-Shop at both the start and end of sales. Usually new lines are added to sales and further reductions happen, unless you have been banned from shopping by then.
-Shop with your Mum. You may think Topshop is the only store to hit, but I’ve often found some great items (accessories mainly but the odd piece of clothing) in Marks and Spencer (look for the Limited Collection) and Next.


Right, end of the generic ‘ah ma gaaad, here’s my shopping tips bbz’. Onto the ‘ah ma gaaad, look at my new clothes!!’.

My favourite purchase of the sales (if that’s even possible to choose) has to be my new coat. Reduced down to £25 from £52 in Topshop, it’s my favourite colour. I have to give some credit here to my brother’s girlfriend who was definitely the driving force behind me buying it!


£25, Topshop

I had my eye on this Next rucksack when it was full price, as my older one was falling apart, and this one was reduced to around £12 in the sale. The pictures have been taken from my trip to Ikea this week, and yes I am sat on a kids rocking horse, no disapproving looks please. Have to admit I sneakily got the rucksack into my Mum’s shopping so I’m not totally sure on price. (Thanks Mum!) Invest in your secondary school self and buy a rucksack, you won’t regret it.


£12ish, Next

I can feel myself developing an obsession with rings and my newest addition is a cracker from &otherstories. Half price, I couldn’t say no to having a lion clutching my finger. Need I say more? Buy cool rings. Your friends will be jealous.


£12, &otherstories

The final thing I’m going to picture is this t-shirt, which for £12 (down from £25), seems to me like a right bargain. It’s made by Escapology, which through more research is a brand created by Topshop. I’m not sure if it’s being continued, but it appears to be very print-based affordable pieces. I personally love the print and think it’s a great top to just be able to throw on; recently I wore it with black leather dungarees.


£12, Escapology

Other items I’ve bought have included some fake leather trousers (invest in these), a maxi skirt with slits up both sides; looks amazing indoors, really blimming impractical in everyday life. Little bit windy? Trying to walk up the stairs on a bus? Do. Not. Bother. Aaaand finally, some shoes with cut out detailing. I wanted to picture these, but I’ve already worn them a lot and the shoe fairy (a.k.a. my mum, is not here to clean them), so I’ll picture something similar below. Highly recommend you buy some shiny socks to wear with them, I’ve heard Topshop and Primark have a great range of these at the moment.

cut out boots copy

Cut out boots, £74.99

shiny shoes copy

For those of you who prefer flats, I love these cut out brogues, £32

In other news, I’ve put myself on a shopping ban (#prayforSJW), saving for travelling America in the summer is in full force!! (I could do backflips about how excited I am about this!!).



Fashion Dahhhling.

Happy New Year! Okay, so it’s a bit late but I’ve been busy enjoying a chilled Christmas at home and subsequently partying my way to self-inflicted illness ever since New Year. My friend who moved to New York came back to London to visit, so I drove up to pick him up on New Year’s Eve and let the partying commence. I have to say it’s been such a good start to the year and I’m currently experiencing the loneliness of spending a night home alone. Booooo.

Rather than talking about my life, I’m actually going to fight the battle of writing a fashion post without sounding like I’m massively up-myself and think I have the best taste in clothes in the world dahhhling. Over the holidays I have acquired quite a few new additions to my wardrobe; both from presents and sale shopping. Before I allowed them into my wardrobe, I had a bit of a clear out as the rail was rather dubiously looking like it might collapse and kill me. Over Christmas my Brother’s Girlfriend (still need to give her an official SJW name, sorry!) asked me for tips on her wardrobe clear out. My simple advice to you all is to be brutal. My most handy tip is for those items you aren’t sure about, put them in a maybe pile, set yourself an amount of time and if you don’t wear it within that time, throw it out. If you wear it but feel it’s a bit forced and you aren’t totally comfy in it, again, throw it out. Simple. I’ve just remembered a funny moment when we were discussing this and my Dad piped up with ‘Don’t let SJW help on your wardrobe clear out, she’ll throw everything away!!’. I think he still has nightmares from years ago when I threw out all his Cotton Traders tops and wooly jumpers from the 70s.

I’m going to group my new items into sections and hopefully that way you won’t get bored reading about them…

1: Brands
I love a good streetwear brand, and I’ve finally bought some brands that I’ve been following for a while. First up is my Hype hat, I never thought that I was a hat person, but since getting this beanie for Christmas, I don’t want to take it off my head.


£14.99, check out http://hypeclothinguk.bigcartel.com/

I’ve loved Boy London for so long, check out all their products at http://boy-london.com/ , but since AJP (that New York friend), stole my tip-off and snuck in and bought some pieces before me, I’ve never needed to buy some myself as I just stole his. (Definitely shed some tears about the loss of his wardrobe when he moved). However, I saw this top on ASOS and couldn’t say no.


£23, http://www.asos.com/BOY-London/Boy-London-Eagle-Dip-Dye-Vest/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=3218841&SearchQuery=boy%20london&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Whiteblue

Finally, Reason Clothing. Just before Christmas I ordered a Homies sweatshirt in orange online, they have free worldwide shipping and you order in dollars (conversion winnerrrr). I nearly cried when after receiving the dispatch note, I then got an email to tell me it was out of stock. Boooo. I couldn’t decide which colour to order, so when back in London, I popped to their store at Boxpark. I picked up the Homies sweatshirt in red and have no regrets! I have my eye on some of their other products, whilst AJP followed my lead and got a sweatshirt and cap, which I don’t think he could now live without.


£35, http://reasonclothing.com/

2: Christmas Presents

I’m not going to share everything I got clothing wise for Christmas, but here is a small snippet. Firstly is this white quilted t-shirt from Topshop. This seems to be a growing trend, but when I bought it, I just thought it would be a great wardrobe staple to throw on with anything, especially tailored trousers.


£32, http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?searchTerm=quilted+tee&storeId=12556&productId=12161347&urlRequestType=Base&categoryId=&langId=-1&productIdentifier=product&catalogId=33057

Secondly is this purple tartan dress, again, from Topshop. Complete impulse purchase (on Santa’s behalf, obviously), but I fell in love with it. It also has pockets in the sides and I can fulfil my inner child and run around flapping the smocky skirt about. Which probably happened too often on New Year’s Eve.


£34, http://www.topshop.com/

My Mum proclaimed it was the year of the jumper for me, and four jumpers later, she was right. On Christmas Eve I was given a great Christmas jumper from my mum, which I wore all of Christmas day. I got two from Forever 21, who I’ve found are great for reasonably priced jumpers which wear really well. (Definitely ignore the Hand Wash Only and Do Not Wash labels!!). I’m gonna post a picture of the jumper I got from Topshop, (they should start paying me commission!?) which I love the ombre effect of.


£34, http://www.topshop.com/

Finally, AJP bought me some banging gifts this Christmas and one of these was this Abercrombie and Fitch men’s shirt. I’m secretly a huge fan of wearing a men’s shirt oversized; it’s so easy to throw on with tights and heels (and a bodycon skirt to ensure you’re not an accidental flasher). Plus, I’m not even going to be ashamed, I love the smell of Abercrombie clothing. I genuinely think that was the best part of my preppy phase. That, and discovering how frigging comfy Jack Wills pants are.


Abercrombie, http://www.abercrombie.co.uk/

Part two of this post is going to showcase my sales shopping haul. Try not to wee yourself in suspense.* SJW x

*Apologies if that was inappropriate. (My Mum reads this).