New Year, New Me.

Okay so this time, it definitely has been a while. I wrote a blog post a little while back and never got around to posting it, but reading over it, it wasn’t my most optimistic writing ever and I couldn’t start a new year with depressing you all. To be fair to myself, I wasn’t in the best place, I was homeless, commuting and just quite frankly burnt out. I’m not saying that all blogging has to be constant lolz, after all I started this blog with a view to #keepingitreal, but let’s not dwell on the lows of 2014 hey.

So this brings me on to my optimism for 2015 and my all time favourite sarcastic phrase #NewYearNewMe. Let’s all pretend that we’re Cinderella and turn into a new person when the clock strikes midnight at New Years, making #goals that we’ll only give up on by the end of January.

I’ve written some of my own half serious, half lolz things to do this year and I whoops-a-daisy forgot the join the gym one. To be honest, I’m more likely to go to Maccy’s twice a week than the gym.


I recently read an article about some of the things twenty-somethings need to admit to themselves and also a rather laaame buzzfeed about resolutions we should all make. So in the name of #keepingitreal, I’ve put together a list of my own things about the realities of being twenty-something at the start of 2015 and things which should maybe change…

1. You’re allowed to admit to people that growing up isn’t easy. Yes it’s exciting, full of hopes and prospects, but there will be times when all you want to do is make a den and take a nap. There’s no shame in that.

2. We’re divided into two camps. The ones who are in a relationship, filling our newsfeeds with engagements / pregnancies and the rest of us who are single, listening to inspirational independent laydeez tunes whilst scrolling said newsfeed and thinking WTF, I still feel about 18 with my biggest decision being what I’ll eat for my next meal.

3. NYE is never worth the hype. #enoughsaid

4. Let’s just admit that buying tampons, sanitary towels and loo roll will always be slightly embarrassing when you get to the checkout. Or even worse, when you have to carry them home.

5. The joy of having home-cooked food will never, ever wear off.

6. The time in your life has come where you can go on as many adventures as you like. Don’t think about it, explore the world.

7. Money is the root of every problem in your life. YES let’s do it… oh wait, bank balance says no. (Yes I see the hilarious irony between the last two statements, but ya know, spend your dolla wisely).

8. Take a job because it’ll make you happy. When you’re sat in an office with the air con sucking the soul out of you, it’s time to move on. There’s no shame in admitting you aren’t happy, that your first job isn’t #TheDream. The key is knowing when to change and not being afraid of trying something new.

9. You will never have enough clothes in your wardrobe. Ever.

10. Or shoes for that matter…

11. It’s lame to send people invites for apps / games. Just don’t do it.

12. There are those people who you will always stalk on social media to keep up with their lives. You may never really speak to them but you dread the day they delete you as a friend. This is normal.

13. We all love fast food. Let’s just have no shame that we went to Maccy’s and loved it.

14. Let’s just finish the endless circle of ‘I’m going to the gym tomorrow… Nope, didn’t make it’. End the gym membership. Do some exercise you enjoy. Or if you hate it, don’t do it at all.

15. In the name of Miranda, gallop everywhere.

16. Indulge in your inner child. We’re still young. And I for one, definitely still want a go on the bouncy castle if there is one within a 10 mile radius.

17. Your best friends are basically your soul mates. Be at peace with the fact that you only need the main members of #TheSquad to be happy.

18. F*** da haterz. If they’re killing the vibe, wave bye bye.

19. Can the whole world just admit that we all secretly love watching The Kardashians!?!

20. Your eyebrow game can be too strong. Calm it on the pencil yeah? #dembrowsthough

21. Aaaand finally, this is a personal one, but let’s admit that you’ll never be truly ‘settled’ in your twenties. I live in a city I love, I’m from a city I love to hate. I have friends in different places. I travel a lot. I live out of a suitcase all too often and I always hear myself saying ‘yeah I’ll sort that out when I’m settled’. It’s never really going to happen in this chaos though is it? Roll with the chaos and make the most of it, because you’re only young and wild and free once.

So there we have it, the big goals of 2015 that none of us will stick to and probably aren’t worth making but definitely worth laughing about. Here’s to a totally new me…



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