Pastel pink everything with a touch of glitter.

I’m just going to state it: Fashion bloggers bore me.

Yes, I might work in fashion and social media so fashion bloggers should be a big part what I read, and yes I still read their blogs, know their names yada yada yada but Jesus, am I the only one who thinks they’re a massive snooze?

I’ve watched vloggers talk about their Christmas presents down to every cotton bud and make-up wipe they’ve received; I’ve read blogs about how people store their make-up; I’ve seen Instagrams of someone’s latest yoghurt delivery. The list of absurd posts is absolutely endless.

Yet I’ve also read posts that have made me laugh out loud, think yes gurrrl, you’re killing it! and seen content that social media intern’s dreams are made of.

The latter never seem to make the A-list in a way the snooze-ville bloggers do. Why on earth are we endorsing content that’s so dreary it  sounds as if all blogger’s heads are full of pastel pink everything with a touch of glitter? Which by all means, I know they aren’t.

The blogger-sphere has evolved from being innovative when all that time ago Susie Bubble made it big, to now being everyone’s daily diary written in the same website template.

It’s INSANE (yes caps is deserved) how much a fashion blogger can make even from the smallest of posts. Why as readers do we not demand more personality when bloggers have so much influence on fashion brands? I’m bored of hearing about how much bloggers love everything, at least google synonyms for the word.

All I’m saying is, let’s applaud all bloggers who haven’t told me that Spring Florals is the most innovative trend this season.*

Over and out,

*P.S. If you didn’t get that subtle Devil Wears Prada reference, shame on you. 🙌😂